Mercedes Hit-And-Run On CCTV: 32-Year-Old Ran But Couldn’t Get Away

Recently, CCTV images or visuals have been captured at the time when a 32-year-old man have been hit by the Mercedes that came in an uncontrolled way down the road with a boy of class 12 behind the wheels or in the Mercedes car. When we go in to the details of it, the story is as follows.

Mercedes Hit-And-Run On CCTV: 32-Year-Old Ran But Couldn't Get Away

Car Rushed at 100KM per Hour Hit Sharma

Sidharth Sharma has started realizing that the car was not going down slow and that he had tried for getting out of the way but he didn’t get a chance. The CCTV footage shows that Mr. Sharma is trying for crossing the road by looking at the both of the ways. It seems that, he is just about to get away from a noodle stand and was going towards his home.

As per the police, it came to known that the car has come at a speed of nearly 100 KM / Hour and hit the marketing consultant who was seen looking on the left and suddenly tried for rushing on to the pavement. In a split second, the Mercedes forced him, flinging Sharma on to the air. They also added that, there has been no sign that the driver tried for slowing down the car or even tried for avoiding the hitting of that person. Finally, the sling bag of Mr Sharma is left on the road and the people were seen rushing towards his body that fallen down on the road.

17-Year-Old Boy Recklessness Led to the Death of Mr. Sharma

The CCTV visual that was recorded shows that, how fast and how recklessly the 17-year-old schoolboy has the driven the car, who was along with his friends outside, supposedly celebrating the end of their 12th class exams.

After the boy hit Sidharth Sharma, the Mercedes car landed on to the pavement and stopped with the burst of the tyres. The adolescent has immediately left the car and ran away along with his friends. After that, he has been arrested but the thing is that, he was let off on bail in just few hours. His father was now charged but he was not arrested. The charge is for allowing the minor person driving – is bailable.

The father of Mr. Sharma has called the investigation as a joke. Hemraj Sharma, shattered by the death of his only son and they said to NDTV that how the police officials have responded to the accident is completely questionable.